Privy Kitchen
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1537 E 351/3337
squaring of timber repairing all wall plates, lystining of bordes, new rippinge and tyling the long roof over the privie kitchen and the longe gallery over the same
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f. 2 Q.3 - 6 To the third fourth fifth & sixth Interr she saith that at the tyme when the said Sir Francis Crane came to dwell at the said mannor howse the roomes next the Streete; the entry between the kitchen & Queenes Stable & divers other roomes adjoinenge thereunto the Longe gallery the greate chamber over the Cellar and many other roomes whose names shee knoweth not and alsoe a greate outward stable, and the Queenes stable were all covered and in reasonably good repayre and that the greatest parte of the Longe gallery, the gatehowse the Porters ward & below that a storehowse which was in good repayre the great Kitchen, the entry the Queenes stable & little [ease]i & the privy kitchen, a long tarras the Chappell, and Tower and other roomes behind the tower whose walls were standeinge a row of buildinge adjoynenge uppon the hall rangeing between the twoe inner courts the greate hall, another Tarras shooteing from the greate hall to the kitchen and another Tarras betweene the Courte and little gallery are all since taken downe and carryed away within these nine yeares by appoyntment of Sir Francis Crane as shee conceiveth because one Beddles Sir Francis Cranes servant said that he was to carry Warrants into the Countrye to the Constables to charge the countrye there abouts for carryinge away the same And that all the materialls were carried unto Stoke parke as she verily beleiveth because shee hath seen very many teames and carts loaden with the said materialls goe up Saunt hill neare to the said Parke And she further saith that the ground whereon the said buildings stood is devided into many several parts and employed to several uses. And shee further saith that the walls soe caryed away were of a greate height and thicknes and many windowes & Chimneyes in the said walls in good repayre.
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.3 Q. 11 To the Eleaventh Interr he saith that there was one fayre bricke wall which mounded one side of the hall the height whereof was thirty foote or thereabouts and Forty foote in length or thereabouts; and twoe foote and halfe thicke or thereabouts; there was another brick wall about Eleaven foote high and fower bayes longe or thereabouts that led to the greate Chamber; And that the privy Citchin was all arched with bricke: there were twoe walles in the gallery leading to Grafton Parke; the wall of the Streete side beinge nine foote high and the wall one the Pasture side beinge about thirteen foote high both of them beinge about one hundred poles [550 yards] in length and the bottome of the wall one the Pasture side was about fower foote high of free stone and all the rest of the said walls were made of bricke all which the said walls were standinge at the tyme of Sir Francis Cranes coming to the said howse; And that the said Walls are since pulled downe and carryed away by the said Sir Francis appoyntment, and that from the said Mannor howse And further to this Interr he cannot depose.
Privy Bakehouse
1537 Rawlinson MS D 780 f.173 Workyng upon ryppyng and untylyng the prevy bakehouse, the north syde of the skelary, the est syde of the kechyn for the lords
Privy Pastry
1536 MS. Misc. xx f.9 - 11 reparyng lathyng tyllyng and poyntyng off the prevy pastre