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1552 E 315/ 262 f.76 Ledger of Paiments as well ordinary as extraordinary

f.76 Dec. 1552 £300 paid to Lawrence Bradshawe about the king's buildings, warrant issued 18th Dec.

1558 Calendar of State Papers, Mary, 1553-1558 p. 329 no. 750 21st April 1558 Survey of the parks of Grafton, Stoke Bruerne, Potterspury and Hartwell.

Stoke. The park lies within one mile of the Queen's house of Grafton and was wholly made in 1529/1530.

Grafton The park is joined to the Queen's house at Grafton.

There is one lodge of eight bays and a stable of four bays in good repair; another lodge in great decay; the Queen is charged their repair.

1558 Calendar of State Papers, Mary, 1553-1558 p. 374 no. 929 1558 Warrant to allow Lord Williams for 15 fodders, 203 quarters, 15 lb. Of lead delivered to the serjeant plumber for repair of Windsor Castle, out of the Queen's store in the honor of Grafton Regis
1557/8 SP 11 /12 / No 68
Survey of Grafton manor, 12 February 1557/8.

There are 177 acres 1 rod pasture pertaining to 'The Quenes Majesties statelie mannor house of Grafton', there are 400 deer in the parke. The house was wholely made in 32 Henry VIII (April 1540-1541).