Year Ref: Fol:
1529 Life & Death pp 92-95 conveyed hyme to a lodgyng within the court
1537 Rawlinson MS D 780 f. 173 settyng on locks upon the doores of the bowlyng aley and voyde cowrtts and elsewhere uppon lodgyngs within the mannor, but alsoe makyng of tabulls, trestells, stooles and formes for the said lodgyngs. - Workyng upon ryppyng and untylyng the prevy bakehouse, the north syde of the skelary, the est syde of the kechyn for the lords, the ynner syde of the lodgyngs from the gate howse to the kechyn as new tylyng and poyntyng the said roomes and offices ayen and not only unrippyng, new lathyng and poyntyng ayen the offices along over the streete syde from the gate to the est ends of the place towards the churche, unripping and serchyng over the vyse of the new stayer, new lathyng and poyntyng ayen and lathyng over the jakes in Mr Cowntrolers chamber - 180 quarrells sett in diverse lodgyngs within the said mannor and in the lodgyns on thout syde towards the street
1539 Nottingham MS. Ne O2
also makyng of tabulls formes trestells and cobards to fornyshe all the lodgyng within the sayd courte, workyng in new makyng of dores and wyndowes for dyvers lodgyngs ther. Makyng and framyng also of a rooffe for the lodgyng wher as the spycery offyce dyd lye
1539 N.U.L
new poyntyng all the kynges lodgyng with tylles and morter
1539 Nottingham MS. Ne O2
Workyng not only in new poyntyng all the kynges lodgyng with tylles and morter also in reparyng and mendyng all other offyces lodgyngs within the sayd court
1573 E 351/3337
for making 9 particons and a passag goinge from the sellor to the shrauntes lodginge and for bording 11 roomes underfott and sawing of the same