Although the stairs at Grafton would not have the architectural
pretension of this French example, they would have given access
to the royal lodgings on the first floor.
The stair serving Henry VIII's privy chamber at Hampton Court.

Year Ref: Fol:
1536 MS. Misc. xx f.9 - 11 7 fott of new glasse set at the kynges stayres hedd - 18 fott off old glasse new set in leade set in the same wyndow
1539 Nottingham MS. Ne O2
also lattyng of the new pastery and over the grett ovyn and tyllyng over the new stayers and over the new jakys.
1539 N. U. L.
newe wynding stayer comyng out of the kynges bedchambre
1539 N. U. L.
sawyng off plankses for the stayer steppes
1539 N. U. L.
tyllyng over the new stayers and over the new jakys
1573 E 351/3337
making the rough wall in the new staires -
1585 E 351/3220
castings the walles and making upp of tholde walles with brickes and also trussing up of the girders over the gallery, new joistinge of the greate chamber, settinge upp of the topp stones uppon the gable endes which were fallen down and new making of the creastes which were fallen down and rotted in diverse places, new working of sorles under the ballesters, over the tarrys, laying in of jollpeces in the side of the hall, trussing upp the somers with beams which were sunke doune in the presence and the gallery, drawing upp tholde roofe which was shrounke over the greate stayres by the king's lodginges, tylinge over th haule on both sides and the gallery, slating over the greate chamber and the presence chamber, new lathing with sheete lead and puttinge in of diverse peces and flashes of leade where nede required, sowdering over the chappell and the gutters of the Queene's lodginges, making and laying a new sesterne for carreinge the water from the double roofe over the chapple