Year Ref: Fol:
1536 MS. Misc. xx f.9 - 11 18 fott off new glasse set in the kynges bed chambre - 18 fott of old glasse new set in leade set in the sayd chambre
1537 Rawlinson MS D 780 f 161 - 183 Workyng as well uppon rippyng and untyling with new tyling, lathyng and poyntyng the kynges prevy chamber, his bed chamber and hys dynyng chamber. - Workyng as well upon rippyng of the leades and gutters over the kynges bedchamber, his dynyng chamber and prevy chamber, his chappell and watchyng chamber, as also mendyng the cowraunts of the said leades and gutters with the mendyng and reparyng with newe leade diverse fawltes in the saide leades with repairyng, sotherynge and mendyng diverse rackes and faultes in the said leades and gutters with diverse other places in the said manor.
1539 N. U. L.
newe wynding stayer comyng out of the kynges bedchambre
1539 N. U. L.
makyng chimneys theron in the kynges bedchamber