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1537 Rawlinson MS D 780 f 173 Workyng upon hewyng, seasenyng and settyng of frestone as well for mantell dryppes, parrells and quoynes for the said tow chymnes as hewyng and settyng of quoynes for the wyndowes and doores in the new walles.[1 chimney in this chamber other in Groom's Porter's Lodgings] - Workyng upon hewyng of frestone parells of jawmes, mattells and koynes for 2 new chymnes theone for the kynges privye chamber, thother for the grome porters lodgyng - Workyng upon fynyshyng up to the eavys of the kynges privy chamber, the brek work laid the ynsyde of both the chymney in the kynges privy chamber and the chymney in the grome porters lodgyng -