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1537 Bodleian
Rawlinson MS D 780
f173 Workyng upon ryppyng and untylyng the prevy bakehouse, the north syde of the skelary, the est syde of the kechyn for the lords, the ynner syde of the lodgyngs from the gate howse to the kechyn as new tylyng and poyntyng the said roomes and offices ayen and not only unrippyng, new lathyng and poyntyng ayen the offices along over the streete syde from the gate to the est ends of the place towards the churche, unripping and serchyng over the vyse of the new stayer, new lathyng and poyntyng ayen and lathyng over the jakes in Mr Cowntrolers chamber - 2 thymbles for the greate foldynge gate next the churche on the strete syde - 16 foote old glasse new sett in the lodgyngs on both sydes the gate buttyng upon the street - 3 fote new glasse set in the lodgyng over the gate
1573 E 351/3337   taking down and making the rooffe and floure over the gate house
1585 E 351/3220   making of chestes for the gatehouse
1619 LR2/ 221   mending of the utter gates and making a wickett to that - making of a new hinge and crosgarners for the grete gate out of the ould ones waying twenty pounds and for a hamer latch catch for the wicket - 80 great nayles for the gate and for mending the lock and making of a new keay
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.2 Q. 3-6 To the third fourth fifth & sixth Interr she saith that at the tyme when the said Sir Francis Crane came to dwell at the said mannor howse the roomes next the Streete; the entry between the kitchen & Queenes Stable & divers other roomes adjoinenge thereunto the Longe gallery the greate chamber over the Cellar and many other roomes whose names shee knoweth not and alsoe a greate outward stable, and the Queenes stable were all covered and in reasonably good repayre and that the greatest parte of the Longe gallery, the gatehowse the Porters ward & below that a storehowse which was in good repayre the great Kitchen, the entry the Queenes stable & little [ease]i & the privy kitchen, a long tarras the Chappell, and Tower and other roomes behind the tower whose walls were standeinge a row of buildinge adjoynenge uppon the hall rangeing between the twoe inner courts the greate hall, another Tarras shooteing from the greate hall to the kitchen and another Tarras betweene the Courte and little gallery are all since taken downe and carryed away within these nine yeares by appoyntment of Sir Francis Crane as shee conceiveth because one Beddles Sir Francis Cranes servant said that he was to carry Warrants into the Countrye to the Constables to charge the countrye there abouts for carryinge away the same And that all the materialls were carried unto Stoke parke as she verily beleiveth because shee hath seen very many teames and carts loaden with the said materialls goe up Saunt hill neare to the said Parke And she further saith that the ground whereon the said buildings stood is devided into many several parts and employed to several uses. And shee further saith that the walls soe caryed away were of a greate height and thicknes and many windowes & Chimneyes in the said walls in good repayre.
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.2 Q. 3 To the third Interr he saith that about fifteen yeares since, the kings surveyor the kings Planner and the kings carpenter were sent downe to Grafton aforesaid to viewe the said howse And they sent for this deponent to aide them therein And that nine bayes above & belowe the gate howse called the Queenes stable were then repayred and divers other buildings (that was needfull) were then alsoe repayred as well with lead and tyle as otherwise.
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.4 Q. 5 To the fifth Interr he saith that the longe gallerye was covered, the Porters lodge was the greatest parte covered the gate howse was some parte covered And that five or sixe bayes or there abouts belowe the gate howse was covered, the Queenes stable and two other stables, and one the left hand of the Queenes stable there were three bayes or more covered there was alsoe one greate Chamber, adjoyneinge to the Tower covered, another Chamber next adjoyneinge to the same greate Chamber was covered, another Chamber adjoyneinge to the last mentioned Chamber covered, the greate Tower covered, there were likewise twoe ranges of the newe buildinge covered, all which Roomes did belonge to the Mannor howse of Grafton and were soe covered when this deponent dwelt in the said howse and when the said Sir Francis Crane came thither And he saith that there were diverse other Roomes of the said Mannor howse that were roofed and uncovered,at the same tyme and this deponent saith that the most parte of the longe gallery the Porters lodge with some parte of the gate howse about two bayes & halfe of the storehowse, the Queenes stable and about three bayes of buildinge thereunto adjoyneinge the tower, six or seaven bayes more of buildinge adjoyneinge to the Churche yeard a Chamber adjoyneinge to the great Chamber, another Chamber adjoyninge to the last mentioned Chamber were covered at Sir Francis Cranes cominge to the howse and are since pulled downe by appoyntment of the said Sir Francis Crane this deponent beinge then present when the said Sir Francis gave direction to John Biddles for the pulling of the same downe and that the leest & greatest parte of the said materialles were carried to Stoke Parke And he saith that the ground whereon the said buildings stood is now put to several uses
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.4 Q. 5 To the fifth Interr he saith that about twoe yeares after that Sir Francis Crane came to the Mannor howse of Grafton there was the greate Chamber, a middle Chamber next to the greate Chamber Fower other Chambers adjoiyneinge thereunto and twoe other Chambers likewise adjoiyneinge to the former, another Chamber goenge up into the said greate Chamber And on th’other side against the said Chambers there were sixe Chambers before the galleryes and the greate gallery there were two greate Chambers one over the other there were alsoe twoe Chambers where the old gatehouse was pulled downe, the greate stable and fower Chambers over the same and the tower all which roomes were covered and roofed haveinge roomes under them And being asked howe many bayes of the buildings have beene since taken down he saith that nine bayes have beene utterly defaced and carryed away by Sir Francis Cranes appoyntment to Stoke lodge and further this deponent cannot answere because the gallery and divers other roomes were taken away before this deponent cominge thither or he hath credibly heard.
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.14 Q. 5 To the vth Interr he saithe that the number of bayes of buildinge roofeed and covered when the said Sir Francis first came thither he cannot particulerly sett downe and that about nine bayes of buildinge towards the gate the Queenes stable and other buildings thereunto adjoyneinge to the number of v or vj bayes another Rowe of buildinge towardes the tower [conteyning about fower or three bayes the tower]i and a stable neare the Church yeard of six bayes or there abouts were covered except some fewe places; at the comeing of Sir Francis Crane thither and have since been taken downe and carryed away by th’appoyntment of the said Sir Francis as he beleiveth by Reason he hath often seene Carts carryinge materialls from Grafton to Stoke lodge and the ground where the said buildings stood was since used as Courtes and the ground where the stable next the Church yeard stood as he beleiveth is now used as a garden.