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1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.2 Q. 5 To the fifth Interr he saith that at the tyme when Sir Francis Crane came to the said Mannor howse there was about one & twenty bayes of buildinge tyled anew and that the said one & twenty bayes of tyled buildinge, one & twentye bayes or there abouts that had beene covered with lead and had roofes and one & twentye bayes of buildinge or there abouts unroofed but the walls standinge have beene since taken downe and carryed away by Sir Francis Cranes appoyntments and that the greatest parte of the materialles of the said buildings were carried to Stoke Parke And that the ground whereon the said buildings stood are now put to gardens walkes & wood yardes.
1634 NRO Ph35288 Northampton Deposition f.14 Q. 5 To the vth Interr he saithe that the number of bayes of buildinge roofeed and covered when the said Sir Francis first came thither he cannot particulerly sett downe and that about nine bayes of buildinge towards the gate the Queenes stable and other buildings thereunto adjoyneinge to the number of v or vj bayes another Rowe of buildinge towardes the tower [conteyning about fower or three bayes the tower]i and a stable neare the Church yeard of six bayes or there abouts were covered except some fewe places; at the comeing of Sir Francis Crane thither and have since been taken downe and carryed away by th’appoyntment of the said Sir Francis as he beleiveth by Reason he hath often seene Carts carryinge materialls from Grafton to Stoke lodge and the ground where the said buildings stood was since used as Courtes and the ground where the stable next the Church yeard stood as he beleiveth is now used as a garden.