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1536 MS. Misc. xx f. 9 - 11 reparyng tyllyng and poyntyng off Mr Controllers lodgyng-Reparyng lathyng pargyttyng and whytyng off the controllers lodgyng
1537 Rawlinson MS D 780  f. 173 Workyng upon ryppyng and untylyng the prevy bakehouse, the north syde of the skelary, the est syde of the kechyn for the lords, the ynner syde of the lodgyngs from the gate howse to the kechyn as new tylyng and poyntyng the said roomes and offices ayen and not only unrippyng, new lathyng and poyntyng ayen the offices along over the streete syde from the gate to the est ends of the place towards the churche, unripping and serchyng over the vyse of the new stayer, new lathyng and poyntyng ayen and lathyng over the jakes in Mr Cowntrolers chamber