Father: James VI of Scotland and I of England
Mother: Anne of Denmark
Born: 19th November 1600 (N.S. 29th November 1600) Dunfermline Palace, Dunfermline
Died 30th January 1649 aged 48
Reign: 27th March 1625 - 30 January (1649 N.S. 9 February 1649)
Buried: Windsor
Prince Charles, later Charles I

The honor had previously been granted to Prince Henry, James I's eldest son, who died in 1612.

The grant to Prince Charles, however, implies that the house was in decay and this was confirmed in 1619 when the Prince's chancellor gave instructions to his surveyor to board up the new buildings at Grafton, where they were exposed to the elements, using in part old materials.

A few years after Charles became King in 1625 the honor of Grafton, including the mansion, was mortgaged to Sir Francis Crane.

Building cost at Grafton

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic, 1611-1618
p. 382
14th July 1616 Grant to Sir George Keere of the materials of the king's house at Grafton, Northants, reserving wood for repair of the lodge. Likewise of a lease of the site of the said house, gardens and orchards.

PRO LR 9/11/11
18th August 1619 Mr Robards letter to Mr Thorpe surveyor to the Prince's highness as to repairs at Grafton, Northampton.
After my harty commendacons: Wheras I am given to to understand that the new buildings at Grafton stand uncovered by meanes wherof the roomes (that are of themselves yet reasonably well) growe to extreme decaye and may this Wynter be in danger to fall. Theise are therefore for the present necessity to will youe to see the same covered with the old tyle and otherwyse and likewyse with old materialls of glasse, leade and the like to see is defended from weather and where glasse wants, to bord up the wyndowes to keepe out the weather for this Wynter and speake to Sir William Andrewes to furnish you with money for the doeing of it , not exceeding the sume of forty poundes.

PRO LR9/11/12
A booke of the charges expended in repaire of the new last building of the honor howse at Grafton 16th September 1619.
Carpenters occupied in mending of the utter gates and making a wickett to that, bourding upp the great garratt windowes and others with the old bourds that laye on the tarrys, making of foure new standard ladders of 40, 43, 42 and 36 rounds a peece and 2 shorter of 20 roundes a peece.

At 16d.
Thomas Webbe 12s
William Haughton 16s.

At 14d.
William Lynnell 4s.-8d.

At 12d.
William Haughton 2s.-8d.
Richard Himplinges 8s.

Sawyers cutting out of the two young spires had out of the parke for making the aforesaid ladders, done by the carpenters aforesaid.

Tylers occupied in pointing and mending all the roofes, slated and tyled over the new buildings with some new and ould slates and tyles.
At 16d.
Richard Weston 14s.-8d.
Thomas Boone 18s.8d

Labourers in making morter for stocking lyme and servyng the tylers.
At 9d.
Robert Blysse 10s-6d.
William Wilks 8s-3d.
Edward Mason 2s.
Thomas Marssey 2s.
Thomas Acton 6s.

A mason imployed in making up of the woodyard wall and bricking up of one of the grete garratt windows.
At 16d per diem Richard Gifford 8s.
At 8d per diem William Haile labourer 4s.

Richard Wollason for 10 bundells of hart laths at 12d the bundell 10s., for 3000 of lath nayles at 20d. the thousand 5d., for a hundred and a halfe of 6d. nayles at 6d. the hundred 9d.

To Matthew Holdenne for a tree to make ladder rounds 5s. for 7 doson and foure ridge tyles at 4d the tyle cometh to 29s.-4d.
For 500 and 20 tyles at 16s.-8d the thowsand cometh to 9s. For carriage of the aforesaid materialls 3s.-4d

Mr Danstham for 10 quarters of lyme at 3s.-4d. the quarter cometh to 33s.-4d.

To Jon Persons for carriage of lath and nayles from Northampton 14d.

To Peeter Browne smith for making of a new hinge and crosgarners for the grete gate out of the ould ones waying twenty pounds and for a hamer latch catch for the wickett is 3s.-10d. For 80 great nayles for the gate and for mending the lock and making of a new keay 2s. For making 2 locks and making two keays for the stayre dore under the round turritt and the other for the entry dore to the gallery is 18d. For making a staple and lock for the seller dore and for nayles, linckes and staple at the top of the stayres 2s.-2d. Two staples for the two wood yarde gates 6d. For a lock and a keay for the store howse dore 2s.

To Anna Goodman for a sive 4d. To same for laying up the ladders 12d.

Left with widdow Freebdoy to tye up the windows and for other necessaryes 12s.

Taken out of the store of ledd one hundred weyte.

Totalis £12-0s-12d. This sum was expended in repayres of new buildings at Grafton. Warrant for payment 17th November 1619.