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1536 MS. Misc. xx f. 9 - 11 makyng and heggyng off iij places in the back court, as one for to be the boylyng place
1537 Rawlinson MS D 780 f 161 - 183 Fellyng and hewyng of tymber in Sawcy Forest for makyng, framyng and setting up of 5 new dore steeds with 5 new cleare story wyndowes sett in the newe walles of the kynges bowlynge aley - Workyng as well upon lynyng, trosyng owte and bryngyng up the fowndacions of the new work over the north syde of the orcherd made by the kynges commaundement to enclose the new bowlynge aley - also upon bryngyng up of thother walles to enclose tow voyde places syermerth the waters therone upon the este syde of the bowlyng aley - to the churchyarde wall joyning thother at the weste end, buttyng upon the hyghe waye with the like enclosyng the same aley at bothe endes severall from the saide waytyng places with like walles of 14 fote highe, as also upon 5 dore stedes made out in the same walles, one out to the highewaye another ledyng to Grafton Park in the weste voide, to witt tow into the bowlyng aley and oone in the voyde cowrte at the este end of the same bowlynge aley ledyng into the pastures and to Hartwell Park.

dighyng and careyng of diverse greate hilles of rubyshe over the northe syde of the old orchard as also levelyng the grownd for the said bowlyng aley - makyng of new dores to the doresteds sett up in the said new walles of the too voyde cowrttes and bowlynge aley - makyng a dryvyng of slates, drawyng of bordes redy for both sydes of the bowlynge alley to beare theither bank wyse aslope for the bowles to playe upon, furthermore not only makyng of seates within the said bowlynge aley for the kynges grace to rest on, closing up brest hegh thest and west end of the bowlyng aley with borde for gentylmen to leane, with settyng on locks upon the doores of the bowlyng aley and voyde cowrtts - Workyng upon bryngyng up of the walles inclosyng the bowlyng alley, the walles of the tow voyde cowrtes, as copyng of the walles throwgheout both of the cowrtes and bowlynge aley with particons of the same

labourers laboryng upon rammyng and levelyng the grownd of the bowlyng aley with lome as also settynge owt the bankes slope with potters claye for bowylys to banke and playe upon, with like turvyng with grene turffe the walkyng places over the northe syde of the bowlyng aley within the wall and not only fellyng of trees by the kynges commaundment without the wall on the northe side of the bowlyng aley, within and withoute the bothe voyde cowrtes, but likewise of trees in the hedgys of the highewaye and the Farmors close playne done for the kynges grace to see to the parke and to the pasture. - The potter maker laboryng upon the temperyng the said cleye redy for the work men to laye upon the sydes sloped with the same claye of the bowlyng aley. John Yngram at 7d per diem, 2s-11d. - Tailor and overseer of cartts well laden overseying the laborers not only at Thorpe castyng downe the walles of the castell but lykewyse overseeing the dyggers of claye and turffe with the cartts laden at the Potters pytt. - 203 quarters and 5 fotte of borde bowght for the bordynge of the sydes of the bowlyng aley - Carriadge of claye Cosgrave men at 3d the lode. William Spenser of Cosgrave for 7 lodes of Potters claye from the Potters pytt of Perry to Grafton for to make the slope bankes of the bowlyng aley - 6 lodes of turfe to laye upon walking place and the northe side of the aley to make it green - 2 locks sett uppon the dores of thest and west end of the bowlyng aley with 3 keys

1660 LR 2/ 222 ff. 135-151 All that capital messuage or mansion house consisting of one hall, parlor, kitchen and larder with six chambers over them, also certain other necessary little rooms aboute the house, being built out of the materialls of the ruines of the old house and was formerly the principall seat of the said honor with one brew house and 2 stables of 2 bayes of building with the chambers over them, one dovehouse, 2 courts, one fold yard, one orchard well planted, the town street being south and the churchyard east, 2 more closes called The Gallery and Bowling Green thereunto adjoining 3 acres 2 rods.